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If you are the type of traveler who is always looking for vacation ideas that might take you off the tourist beaten path, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Travel Forum Board we specialize in offering comprehensive and unbiased look into some of world most awesome vacation spots you may not have known about. Experience countries and resorts that are fabulous beyond words – make Travel Forum Board your guide to your best travel adventure.

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        1. I agree. Bestgore may not have cured my suicidal thoughts all in all – but has helped. I get my fix of death daily and spend less time wondering about my own death.

        2. This is a very interesting point
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          Stay safe

        3. Janes,
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    1. So this is where it takes u if u click the puppy …….I really didn’t plan on leaving I just wanted to see where it leads to….

  1. Good Afternoon:

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  3. If you clicked the puppy:

    “By not seeing things for yourself, you are opening the door to being lied to and persuaded in one direction or the other.”

    -Right above the puppy you clicked

  4. I have watched so many videos on this website and just now realized that I could of just clicked this puppy……..

  5. I wanted to watch the puppy get eat by a hungry Chinese lesbian . How disappointed am I. Oh well, back to me wank.

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