Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove on Zakynthos Island, Greece

Navagio Beach is one of the trademark beaches in Greece. It gets frequently featured on postcards and various promotional materials for its breath-taking visual appeal and thrilling isolation. Navagio Beach is often referred to as the Shipwreck Beach or just simply “The Shipwreck” because it’s home to a wrecked ship called Panagiotis, which is believed … Continue reading “Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove on Zakynthos Island, Greece”

Tuscany – Holidays in Italy

A vacation in Italy is often associated with romance, lots of history and bad ass pizza. But there’s so much more to Italy than this. If you’re a hopeless romantic, there is hardly any country that would strum your unspoken love affair tune as loud as Italy. But even if you’re not, when it comes … Continue reading “Tuscany – Holidays in Italy”