Gestures That Are Offensive in Other Countries

Travelling through foreign countries can be an uplifting experience. Getting to know different cultures, societies, religions, ways of life, etc. through real life interaction with locals will teach you more about that country than you could possibly learn from books. This comes with its own challenges, though. If you’re visiting a non English speaking country … Continue reading “Gestures That Are Offensive in Other Countries”

Top 10 Destinations for Singles

It is more than common to see secluded retreats for couples, honeymoon packages for newlyweds, or all inclusive vacations for families, but what about singles? While it is true that many vacation hot spots cater to couples or families, single guys or girls are still left with plenty of amazing choices for great getaways. This … Continue reading “Top 10 Destinations for Singles”

Top 10 Dark Tourism Destinations

In bad taste or not, Thanatourism – aka Dark Tourism to the destinations associated with death or suffering is here to stay. I personally believe that I am not in position to judge other people’s travel choices as well as the motivations behind them, so let me put the prejudice behind and get right down … Continue reading “Top 10 Dark Tourism Destinations”

Thanatourism – Definition of Dark Tourism

Derived from Greek word Thanatos (meaning Death), Thanatourism, aka Dark Tourism has grown to become a popular and profitable travel niche. By definition, Thanatourism is all about traveling to places that were once (or still are) associated with pain, suffering, horrible living conditions, natural and manmade disasters or death. Oddly enough, people who live in … Continue reading “Thanatourism – Definition of Dark Tourism”

Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World

I was reading an article about Dubai and learned that this Middle Eastern city is the 8th most visited city in the world. I was kind of surprised, but at the same time wasn’t really. It prompted me to initiate the research on which were the other most visited cities in the world as once … Continue reading “Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World”

Alaska Cruise Deals End in 2010 as Cruise Lines Cut Back

Alaska is one of those travel destinations that everyone wants to visit in their lifetime. You know what – now is the best time to take an Alaska Cruise. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for Alaska Cruise since cruise line companies started sailing to these parts of the world. Prices for … Continue reading “Alaska Cruise Deals End in 2010 as Cruise Lines Cut Back”

Haggling Tips for Best Price on Vacations

During times of economic and financial crisis travelling on vacations can seem luxurious. At times like these we need to make sure we get the best deal. But how? Haggling is how it’s done. Haggling is often the best way to get a cut price deal for anything, not just vacations. Read on to to … Continue reading “Haggling Tips for Best Price on Vacations”

All Inclusive Vacations – Get Best Deals in 2009

When it comes to All Inclusive Vacations, 2009 is the year. This year will offer some of the best deals any of us have seen in our lifetime. Global economical crisis is responsible for drop in public’s spending on leisure and travel which in turn resulted in drop in prices for all inclusive vacations. Each … Continue reading “All Inclusive Vacations – Get Best Deals in 2009”

Travel Checklist for Perfect Holiday, Camping, Backpacking

This useful Travel Checklist contains pre-trip and while you’re away tips to help you make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your hassle free, perfect vacation. Whether you’re traveling to enjoy nice holiday in the sun, or going camping, backpacking, hitch-hiking or looking at an extraordinary adventure beyond borders of your home country, … Continue reading “Travel Checklist for Perfect Holiday, Camping, Backpacking”

Hepatitis B – Information for Travellers

Hepatitis B – Information for Travellers Hepatitis B is far more serious viral infection that Hepatitis A. Like its less dangerous brother, Hepatitis B attacks the liver but Hep B can cause serious complications that could lead to death. While risks of contracting Hepatitis B by travellers are not high, it is a serious illness … Continue reading “Hepatitis B – Information for Travellers”