Travel Checklist for Perfect Holiday, Camping, Backpacking

This useful Travel Checklist contains pre-trip and while you’re away tips to help you make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your hassle free, perfect vacation. Whether you’re traveling to enjoy nice holiday in the sun, or going camping, backpacking, hitch-hiking or looking at an extraordinary adventure beyond borders of your home country, this travel checklist is a quick way to make sure you’re not forgetting anything important.

Without further ado, here’s your Travel Checklist for Perfect Vacation:

Essential Travel Items Checklist

  • Passport – ain’t going no where without one
  • Foreign Currency – Credit Cards often work fine, but you do want to have some local currency as well
  • Alarm Clock – if your plane leaves early, don’t rely on wake-up calls
  • Swiss Army Knife – preferably one with tweezers and scissors, but pack this in your check-in luggage not your carry-on
  • Plastic Bottle – to carry water around. Was without one in Cuba – bad idea!
  • Pocket Flashlight – easily the most used item on my travels
  • Digital Camera – you have got to be kidding me if you would leave without one. Make sure you have enough batteries and big enough memory card
  • Ziploc Plastic Bags – so you can store your used underwear and shampoo/soap/toothpaste in the same bag as the rest of your clothes safely
  • Rain Poncho – doesn’t take much space and helps a lot in bad weather

Toiletries Travel Checklist

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste – dental floss is also very handy
  • Shampoo
  • Soap – get your own soap box too
  • Deodorant Stick
  • Body Moisturizer/Lotion
  • Shaving Gear
  • Towel – nothing can beat your own cozy one

Medical and Personal Supplies Travel Checklist

  • Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Solution, or Glasses – copy of prescription will come in handy should you lose them
  • Sunglasses – hat and umbrella also come in handy
  • Sunscreen with at least 30 SPF
  • Insect Repellent – make sure it contains DEET
  • Latex Condoms
  • Medic-Alert Tags – it’s smart to get them if you suffer from allergies or medical conditions. Canadians can get them from
  • Your Personal Medications in original bottles and enough to get you through chronic conditions
  • Insect Sting Rescue Kit – emergency allergy kits
  • Malaria Pills – if you’re visiting areas with malaria prevalence, pills require prescription from a doctor
  • Hand Sanitizer – Purel ®, Microsan ®, One Step ®, or similar
  • Medicinal Charcoal – you’ll eat lots of dodgy food during your travels

If You’re a Female

  • Feminine Products – tampons, sanitary napkins
  • Vagina Infection Medication – if you’re susceptible

Taking Care of Your Body Pre-Travel Checklist

  • Physical Check Up – if you’re traveling long term
  • Dental Check Up
  • Eye Check Up – if your vision is not the greatest or have other vision problems
  • Consult Travellers’ Health Clinic in your area to learn about health risks in your travel destination and what vaccines are recommended

Personal Secret Travel Checklist Items

  • Oil of Oregano – saved my behind on countless occasions. Sports massive anti bacterial properties yet it’s a natural product so you can’t develop resistance to it. Also gives your immunity an instant boost. I can’t even begin to express how many times it saved me from getting sick. Make sure you get the 100% organic one, preferably from Greece, since that’s where best wild Oregano grows
  • Ear Plugs – once I spent a night sharing the room in a hostel with a guy who snored like he was paid for it. Ear plugs saved my night.

My personal travel checklist also includes my laptop. If you don’t have one, you can still enjoy the vacation, camping, backpacking just the same. If you’re taking a longer trip, do get up to date with 21st century and get yourself a laptop. Also make sure you open an online journal so you can upload pictures and boast about your adventures as they happen. It’ll keep you going and will give you more steam to enjoy your travel.

One thing I don’t need on my travel checklist but you may is a comb. I’d rather have hair and have to carry a comb than have no hair and not have to carry one, but since latter is my case, I’m spared from worrying about that part.

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