Gestures That Are Offensive in Other Countries

Travelling through foreign countries can be an uplifting experience. Getting to know different cultures, societies, religions, ways of life, etc. through real life interaction with locals will teach you more about that country than you could possibly learn from books. This comes with its own challenges, though. If you’re visiting a non English speaking country … Continue reading “Gestures That Are Offensive in Other Countries”

Church of the Dead aka Chiesa dei Morti in Urbania, Italy

The Church of the Dead, or Chiesa dei Morti as it’s called in Italian is a small church in central Italian town of Urbania. This medieval town may not have that much to offer as far as the attractions are involved, but 18 well preserved mummies who stand guard behind the altar of Chiesa dei … Continue reading “Church of the Dead aka Chiesa dei Morti in Urbania, Italy”

Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World

I was reading an article about Dubai and learned that this Middle Eastern city is the 8th most visited city in the world. I was kind of surprised, but at the same time wasn’t really. It prompted me to initiate the research on which were the other most visited cities in the world as once … Continue reading “Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World”

Top Tourist Attractions in Italy

With so much to see and do, deciding what the Top Tourist Attractions in Italy are can be pretty difficult. Italy’s history spans thousands of years, and all of that history is marked by fun things to do and see. Separating the “must sees” from the “should sees” is a pretty difficult task, but here … Continue reading “Top Tourist Attractions in Italy”

Tuscany – Holidays in Italy

A vacation in Italy is often associated with romance, lots of history and bad ass pizza. But there’s so much more to Italy than this. If you’re a hopeless romantic, there is hardly any country that would strum your unspoken love affair tune as loud as Italy. But even if you’re not, when it comes … Continue reading “Tuscany – Holidays in Italy”