Witches Market of La Paz, Bolivia

Are you into witchcraft, dark magic and all things from beyond? Do you have troubles buying essential ingredients necessary to perform the rites or brew potions? Have I got a vacation spot for you… Located on an intersection of Calle Jiminez and Linares in Bolivian town of La Paz, tucked between Santa Cruz and Sagarnaga … Continue reading “Witches Market of La Paz, Bolivia”

El Camino de la Muerte – Road of Death in Bolivia (Yungas Road)

Aside from having world’s largest deposits of lithium and being home to world’s largest salt flat, Bolivia boast another prime that attracts adventurers and adrenaline junkies from across the globe – The Most Dangerous Road in the World. The Road of Death or as it goes in Bolivia’s native Spanish: El Camino de la Muerte … Continue reading “El Camino de la Muerte – Road of Death in Bolivia (Yungas Road)”

Salar de Uyuni Lithium Salt Flats in Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni in South American Bolivia is referred to by many as the World’s Largest Mirror. Given that it spreads over an area of 4,085 square miles (10,582 square kilometres), it truly is a vast reflective surface but the most amazing part is that this large mirror is all natural. This is no man … Continue reading “Salar de Uyuni Lithium Salt Flats in Bolivia”