Top 10 Destinations for Singles

It is more than common to see secluded retreats for couples, honeymoon packages for newlyweds, or all inclusive vacations for families, but what about singles? While it is true that many vacation hot spots cater to couples or families, single guys or girls are still left with plenty of amazing choices for great getaways. This … Continue reading “Top 10 Destinations for Singles”

El Caminito del Rey – The Most Dangerous Walkway in the World

Are you an adventurer who likes to push their own limits to the extreme? If so, have I got something for you? What would you say to walking the walkway that’s only 1 meter (3 feet) wide, has no railings and is pinned on the mountain wall that’s 700 meters (2300 feet) above the river … Continue reading “El Caminito del Rey – The Most Dangerous Walkway in the World”

Lanzarote Holidays – Complete Guide

Lanzarote is a barren and untamed island in the Atlantic Ocean, 125 km off the coast of Africa. It’s part of Canary Island archipelago (hence under Spanish jurisdiction) and while very popular among European tourists, it’s hardly known to most of us here in North America. Most of my friends here in Canada would have … Continue reading “Lanzarote Holidays – Complete Guide”