Top 10 Destinations for Singles

It is more than common to see secluded retreats for couples, honeymoon packages for newlyweds, or all inclusive vacations for families, but what about singles? While it is true that many vacation hot spots cater to couples or families, single guys or girls are still left with plenty of amazing choices for great getaways. This … Continue reading “Top 10 Destinations for Singles”

Preikestolen Norway Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen is a massive cliff in Norway that towers 604 meters (1982 feet) in near vertical drop over the ocean. When famous French writer Victor Hugo visited the fjords, he referred to them as “the most terrifying of the ocean reefs.” Preikestolen is a natural rock formation that was carved by melting glaciers at the … Continue reading “Preikestolen Norway Pulpit Rock”

Alaska Cruise Deals End in 2010 as Cruise Lines Cut Back

Alaska is one of those travel destinations that everyone wants to visit in their lifetime. You know what – now is the best time to take an Alaska Cruise. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for Alaska Cruise since cruise line companies started sailing to these parts of the world. Prices for … Continue reading “Alaska Cruise Deals End in 2010 as Cruise Lines Cut Back”