Kaieteur National Park

Kaieteur National Park is home of the famous Kaieteur Falls. Located in perfectly preserved rainforest in the heart of Guyana, Kaieteur National Park hasn’t changed much since it was discovered by Charles Barrington Browne, an European explorer of Guyana’s hinterland in 1870. The park is protected by the Kaieteur National Park Act which sets its boundaries and ensures that its flora and fauna as well as the untouched natural scenery remain preserved. Pristine rainforests of Kaieteur National Park are literally a tourist paradise and a treat for trekkers combining everything a traveller could wish for:

  • A Spectacular Waterfall
  • A Virgin Rainforest
  • A Rich Cultural History of Guyana
Kaieteur National Park, Photo: brokekid, Flickr
Kaieteur National Park, Photo: brokekid, Flickr

Kaieteur National Park Weather

There is a constant temperature of about 30 Degrees Celsius any time of the year. That translates to “hot”. You will sweat a lot and you will be exposed to whole plethora of insects. Repellent with DEET is essential.

Best Time to Visit Kaieteur National Park

In order to enjoy your trip to the fullest and make the most out of it, visit Kaieteur National Park after the rainy season. Being close to the Equator, Guyana gets hit by the rainy seasons twice a year as the tropical rain belt passes over these regions when it goes south and when it goes north.

The first rainy season starts in May and ends in August, and the second one starts in November and ends in January. Schedule your trip to Guyana for after the rain season has ended to catch the full grace of the Kaieteur National Park.

Kaieteur Falls, Photo: Bill Cameron, Wikipedia
Kaieteur Falls, Photo: Bill Cameron, Wikipedia

Kaieteur National Park Restaurants

There are two awesome restaurants in the Kaieteur National Park area I would like to recommend. You got to check them out, they are impossible to miss:

#1 – Self Picnic, located by the giant tree
#2 – Eat What you Have – located on the brink of the river

Unfortunately none of them takes credit cards and last time I checked, they didn’t take debit either.

Remember: Kaieteur National Park is a remote and unspoilt place. There are no restaurants in virgin rainforests of Guyana. There are no snack shops, no souvenir booths, no vending machines and… no other tourists either. You have to bring everything you need with you, including food.

Kaieteur National Park Hotels

See above. Kaieteur National Park is a virgin wilderness untouched by humans. There are no hotels in the area. If you hike through the park to reach the falls, your hotel room will consist of a comfy hammocks bed sprung between two random trees. No need to tip the staff.

Kaieteur Guesthouse

Guyana government owned Kaieteur Guesthouse is the one place in Kaieteur National Park area that offers accommodation to tourists. It is located near Kaieteur Falls, however it only has limited space and offers limited services. There is no infrastructure leading to the guesthouse so all supplies are either delivered in backpacks or by planes that carry tourists.

Kaieteur Guesthouse, Kaieteur National Park, Guyana, Photo: nicholaslaughlin, Flickr
Kaieteur Guesthouse, Kaieteur National Park, Guyana, Photo: nicholaslaughlin, Flickr

Village of Chepanau

The village of Chepanau located on the border of Kaieteur National Park could possibly offer some form of accommodation and hospitality services. The villagers live off fishing and hunting. It takes 3 hours by speed boat to reach villages of Chepanau from Kaieteur Falls.

Interesting fact: Chepanau is inhabited by members of the Patamona Tribe, the same tribe, the chief of which sacrificed himself by canoeing over the Kaieteur Falls to save his tribe from raiding Caribs. Entire area is named after the Chief Kai and the legend of his sacrifice lives on.

Flights to Kaieteur National Park

Chartered helicopter and small aircraft flights to Kaieteur National Park are available from Georgetown. There is a number of tour operators in the capital of Guyana that provide flights to Kaieteur National Park – basically more than there are tourists looking to visit the rainforest, so one won’t have a problem flying to the park. Flights typically depart in am and leave you wander around Kaieteur Falls for about 4 hours before flying back to Georgetown.

Flying to Kaieteur National Park, Photo: brokekid, Flickr
Flying to Kaieteur National Park, Photo: brokekid, Flickr

Hiking in Kaieteur National Park

Kaieteur National Park is a real treat for adventurous hikers and trekkers. You’ll be submerged within true jungle, you’ll have direct encounters with native wild animals, including brightly colored frogs and parrots. Countless orchids and other exotic plants growing in undisturbed wilderness will be line up alongside narrow trails as you hike by.

Keep in mind that Kaieteur National Park houses virgin jungle. Many plants and animals are poisonous. It’s advised you take a tour guide to lead you through the jungle rather than hiking on your own. Inexpensive porters are also available. You may want to consider one as it takes some weight to carry enough supply to hike for 3 to 5 days through the jungle.

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